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What is PriceBlink?
PriceBlink is a coupon & price comparison site with a integrated web browser add-on. With the PriceBlink add-on you get access to price comparison services, plus coupons for thousands of retailers.

What is the PriceBlink Browser Add-On?
The PriceBlink add-on is a plug-in for your Firefox, Chrome or Safari browser that discreetly notifies you if the product you are browsing is available for a lower price from another retailer, or if there are coupons available from the retailer you are shopping on. The message bar also provides easy access to product review information so that you can quickly determine whether or not to make a purchase. In order to see the PriceBlink in action, please check out our video demo at

What Operating Systems/Browsers are compatible with PriceBlink?
The PriceBlink toolbar works with on both Windows and Mac Systems and is available for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

Is the PriceBlink add-on secure?
Yes. The PriceBlink add-on does not capture, collect or share any personal information. The PriceBlink add-on works to get you pricing, coupon and product review information and that is it -- no spyware, adware.

What user information does PriceBlink collect?
In order to provide pricing, coupons and review information, the PriceBlink add-on sends a request to our servers that contains information about the product you are browsing. PriceBlink does not collect or store any personally identifiable information. See our privacy policy for more details.

Why doesn't PriceBlink include shipping and handling charges in all prices?
For the majority of price comparison results, PriceBlink shows you the shipping charges for the item. However, because some merchants do not make shipping information available, we are not able to display shipping rates on 100% of the results.

What markets does the PriceBlink Browser Add-on work in?
The site and add-on are currently targeted at the United States and United Kingdom marketplaces. We are considering adding additional markets, but are focused on perfecting the PriceBlink experience for U.S. and U.K. users at this point.

If I am a retailer, how can I get my products / coupons added to PriceBlink?
We do not work with all retailers, but we are interested in broadening our coverage. Please contact us to find out more about how you can start getting more customers.



You can contact us directly

I am shopping and the PriceBlink notification does not come up. Is there something wrong?
Don't worry, there are a few reasons that the message bar doesn't show up. The PriceBlink add-on is designed to be discreet, and therefore only shows up when there is relevant information to the product you are shopping for.

The PriceBlink message bar will not show up if there are not retailer coupons or product price comparison available. Even though the PriceBlink add-on provides information from thousands of retailers, we do not have universal retailer coverage, so it is possible that you are on a site that the PriceBlink add-on does not currently work with.

In certain cases, it is possible that the PriceBlink add-on was not able to determine what the product you are looking at is. We are working hard to improve the system all the time, so if you come across a problem, please feel free to contact us.

If you have any concerns that the PriceBlink add-on is not working, please check out this test link:

I've tried the above and I still can't get my add-on to appear in Firefox
PriceBlink will not work if you are in Private Browsing Mode or if you have your Privacy Settings (Under Preferences) set to "Never Remember History.

I found a better price at another retailer. What is wrong?
PriceBlinks checks prices from over 11,000 retailers, but we do not have universal coverage so it is possible that we are missing the retailer you are looking at. If you find a lower price on a product, you can send us feedback right from the toolbar by clicking on the "Send us feedback" link at the bottom of the list of prices.

I clicked on a link for a price, but the price on the landing page is different. What is wrong?
We work hard to ensure that the pricing information in the system is accurate, but retailers change prices often and therefore there can be differences due to lags in pricing information being processed.

I clicked on a link, and the PriceBlink add-on took me to the wrong page. What is wrong?
We make our best attempt to take you to the exact matching product, but sometimes we get it wrong. Please accept our apologies in advance, and help us make the system better by clicking on the "Send us feedback" link under the "More Prices" button on the message bar, or contact us link on the website.

Is there a way to turn coupon notifications off? I don't need to see coupons for [xyz] retailer.
Yes. If you would rather not have coupon notifications appear for a particular merchant, you can easily turn notifications off (this feature is not yet available for the IE version of PriceBlink). To do this, simply click on the "View coupons" button in the toolbar, and then select "Hide Coupons for This Merchant" at the bottom of the list. If you ever want to see coupons again for that merchant, just look at the bottom of your browser (Firefox Only) for the flashlight icon. When it is green, that means there are coupons available. Just click on that link and you'll see available coupons.

How do I uninstall PriceBlink?
If you are having a problem with PriceBlink, please contact us as we are able to resolve most issues quickly. If you'd still like to uninstall PriceBlink, click here for instructions for uninstalling PriceBlink.

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