Adding an Item to Your Wishlist

PriceBlink's Wishlist feature allows you to keep track of items you are interested in, but aren't ready to buy quite yet.  You can place all your items into a single Wishlist or create unique lists for different categories (e.g. Kid's Christmas List, My Wishlist, Home, Skiing, etc.).

There are two main ways to add something to your wishlist.

Method 1: From the Price Comparison Bar
If you're viewing a product and PriceBlink shows price comparison results, you can add an item to your Wishlist by using the + Wish button that appears in the PriceBlink bar.



Method 2: From your Browser Bar
Even if you're not on a page where PriceBlink does not show Price Comparisons, you can add an item to your Wishlist by clicking on the Flashlight icon in your browser bar (you'll see it on the right side of the image below).  Note that this feature is not supported in the Internet Explorer or iPad versions of PriceBlink.


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