PriceBlink got the price wrong on an item

PriceBlink is one of the most accurate price comparison services in the market, but even we can sometimes get prices wrong.  When this happens, please let us know so that we can correct the issue.  Generally price mistakes are caused by one of two issues:

  • Recent Price Changes: PriceBlink continually updates its prices throughout the day, but sometimes a merchant will update its prices after PriceBlink updates that merchant's prices for the day.  

  • Retailer Data Errors: In many cases, PriceBlink relies on price lists published by retailers.  Occasionally, retailers will make a mistake and list the wrong price in the data they provide us. When you report these issues to PriceBlink, we do our best to contact the merchant to correct the information.

We know that these sorts of mistakes can be an inconvenience, and we do our best to minimize these types of errors. 

If you do encounter a price error, please alert us to the issue by clicking on the "Send us feedback" link under the "More Prices" button on the message bar, or contact us link on the website.

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