Missing shipping information in price comparison

For the majority of price comparison results, PriceBlink shows you the shipping charges for the item. However, because some merchants do not make shipping information available, we are not able to display shipping rates on 100% of the results.

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    Doc Rogaaz

    And this, Ladies and Gentlemen, makes this app completely USELESS. You guys also need a web guy to properly setup this equally useless "helpdesk" software as I would have liked to have quoted Johns totally USEFULL answer to this game-changer of a question. Here's an idea, why not REMOVE MERCHANTS THAT REFUSE TO INCLUDE SHIPPING INFORMATION. Then you can start sleeping well at night knowing that you are no longer wasting hundreds of hours of peoples' valuable time before realizing that your app is 100% USELESS. While they're at it, please have him/her also remove the useless comment before mine.

    @Robbeniz49 - Hope the courier biz is still working out for you, and that you were able to put down the pipe for good!

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