PriceBlink Price Alerts

With PriceBlink Price Alerts, you can get notified whenever a product drops below a certain price.  Alerts can come in handy when you're viewing a product and just aren't quite ready to buy at the current time and price.

How do I setup a price alert?

First, you'll need to have the PriceBlink add-on installed.  

Next, when you're on a page where the price comparison bar appears, just click on the  button in the bar.  You'll see a "Notify When" option that allows you to set your notification threshold. 


Are all prices included in your alerts?

The price alert feature is powered by the same price comparison engine that powers the award-winning PriceBlink browser add-on.  To minimize false alerts, we do apply some additional filtering.  For example, eBay results are excluded from price alerts as they are more likely to be incorrect matches.


I used PriceBlink alerts back in 2014, what happened to them?

In early 2014, we disabled the alert functionality because the feature was not working reliably.  In September, 2015 after overhauling our price alert engine, we re-launched the feature.


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