New & Improved Price History

Last week we released an updated version of our price history charts -- which are available via our free price-comparison browser add-on. The charts are a great resource if you’re trying to determine whether now is a good time to buy.

If you used our price history charts in the past, you know that the results were rather inconsistent, so the latest update includes a number of improvements:

  • Improved Accuracy. Previous versions of our Price History charts were based on pricing from hundreds of stores and often contained errors. The current charts track only prices from and are significantly more reliable.
  • More Precise Data. The new charts allow you to hover over individual points to see the exact price on a particular date. Also, the charts show the high and low price over a particular period.

Price Histories are available for most products and can be accessed by clicking on the icon (shown below) within the PriceBlink price comparison bar.  Here's an example.


A bit more detail on the price history data:

  • The prices are drawn from the lowest Amazon "Buy Box" price observed during a particular day.  As Amazon often has multiple sellers offering the same item, the prices are drawn from the default price shown on the page -- regardless of who the seller is.
  • The price history graphs represent the historical prices on and do not include prices from other retailers.  While the price comparisons in our browser add-on pull from 11,000 unique retailers, for accuracy (and simplicity) sake, the price history does not.
  • We have a number of enhancements planned.  If you have a suggestion, please let us know in the comments below.  We're very interested in your feedback.
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